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We do the hard, technical work for your Corona CA business, so you can enjoy the benefits of an IT environment that just works!

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Stuck with an IT guy who's doing a poor job and is never available?

Are slow computers and broken servers making your processes a drag?

Tell-tale signs that you need hands-on, proactive IT support - downtime is never good for business

Do you really get the support your business needs, or are you winging IT all on your own?

There's no point relying on an IT guy that never shows up on time and lacks the expertise your business needs

How confident are you in your cybersecurity? Are you a sitting duck for hackers?

Your small business deserves Fortune-500-grade protection because it's possible and necessary!

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Our IT solutions in Corona are simple and produce real results...

From experience, we know that a break-fix system of IT support is not the solution you need. Your growing California business deserves expert care, from technicians who have what it takes to keep your IT working like a well-oiled machine.

There's no point in winging your IT when experts who know exactly how to make it work for your business, are available to help. At TechWorks, we live by the mantra, “If you’re going to do IT, do IT right! With 60+ years of combined experience, the team can help keep your IT infrastructure up and running seamlessly.

With our proactive IT maintenance, we've been able to help Corona CA businesses experience a 42% average reduction in downtime, compared to break-fix models! All our clients can't stop raving about our no-stones-unturned cybersecurity process and round-the-clock help desk. We also provide IT support to the University of California, Riverside (UCR)!

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We keep IT simple

A whole new world where everything works - simply! Watch how we do IT...


Our proactive approach to IT is a game changer... Here's how

95% server restoration

With our rich IT expertise, we have a track record of restoring 95% of servers that need to be restored in an emergency in under 30 minutes. We let nothing slow you down.

Simplified IT

Forget the jargon and complexities. We simplify IT for your growing business. With our detailed process documentation, you stay aware and in control, and we stay accountable.

Secure systems

Our goal is to bulletproof your business, proactively keeping you secure, no matter the threats. We monitor your entire network, ensuring that intruders stay out.

At your beck and call

Because our team is typically within a 20-mile radius of all clients, we are able to give you the attention you deserve. Also, with under 30-minute responses, we're fast with calls too!

Flat monthly rates

We don't believe in long-term contracts. IT support should be simple and easy to understand. Our solutions are comprehensive and offer all you need at one fixed price.

Stay focused

You can focus on your business and leave IT to us. We'll take care of everything so you don't have to worry one bit. Get peace of mind knowing that your IT is in good hands.


Our clients love us. See for yourself...

Jim Lawrence

Dental Practitioner

"As a relatively new dental practice, we can't afford to lose patients because our computers are down. At our office, when the network is down, nothing can happen. As soon as we recognized this, we wasted no time in signing up with TechWorks to keep everything running smoothly. Now, everything just works. I know that the improvements in our productivity, patient satisfaction, and efficiency more than justify the cost of having TechWorks maintain our systems. Thank you TechWorks for keeping our computers working right, and for always being there when we need you!"

Ruben Sainos

Former VP - NexCycle

"These guys are great! They are sharp professional consultants... It's great to be working with talented I.T. consultants! Their industry knowledge and talent in providing I.T. solutions is outstanding. I'm thankful that such a resource is available and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else."

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