Get the first line of defense to protect your networks and keep your organization and customers safe so you can fuel your company's growth to its fullest.

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Anti-malware services

Just try to imagine the following. You come to your office and start reading your emails. At one point, you noticed an email from a company you are working with where they ask you to pay for their services. You click on it, but instead of seeing an invoice, you get a message that shows: "Ooops, all your important files have been encrypted." This is where a pro-active anti-malware solution from TechWorks can help.

Secure sensitive and personal data
Real-time protection
Workstation Optimization

Do you really need anti-malware services?

Malware can have a devastating impact on your business. You might not even know you have one in your system (even for weeks or months) before experiencing a total disaster, meaning anti-malware is a must if you want to keep your business safe.

Workstation Optimization

Threat analysis

Our malware analysis service will assess all your devices to see if devices are already infected and will surgically remove malware to prevent things from falling apart. With industry-leading technology, you can rest assured your company is in good hands.

Protection from spam and identity theft
Boot-time scan and robust web protection
Workstation Optimization

How can TechWorks help with anti-malware services

We understand the challenges that SMBs face, which is why we offer anti-malware solutions that work around the clock. Our experienced technicians will tailor solutions to meet your specific industry needs.

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else