Packaged solutions at competitive rates.

CyberSecurity & Network Infrastructure

From $449 USD
/ month

Protect the underlying network infrastructure by implementing multi-layered measures to deny theft of data and resources, modification, deletion, and unauthorized access, and enjoy the right mixture of network services, software applications, and hardware devices.

Enterprise Firewall
Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Ultra-Fast Professional Wifi Access Point
Reliable Battery Backup
Critical Patching & Updates
Configuration Backups
Secure Connectivity for Branch Offices & Mobile Workers
Performance Monitoring & Tuning
White Glove Equipment Replacement
50% Discount for Special Projects & Support
No credit card required

Workstation Maintenance & Optimization

From $59 USD
/ month

Make your equipment roar like a lion and keep your operating systems and software always up to date, ensuring everything stays secure and runs smoothly. Free up your valuable and limited IT resources and focus on the most important tasks.

Operating System Patching & Updates
Performance Monitoring & Tuning
Threat Protection & Monitoring
Remote Desktop Access Solution
Managed Backups  
50% Discount for Special Projects & Support
No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your technicians assist us in troubleshooting our 3rd-party software?

Yes. We work with many software vendors to help our customers experience the best reliability and performance of third-party software applications. Our role is to ensure that the foundational I.T. resources are performing at their peak levels to allow software applications to operate as the vendor intended. As the experts in your I.T. infrastructure, we have a detailed knowledge of your environment. We are available to collaborate and consult with software vendors when they require additional understanding of the unique details of your technology. That said, the 3rd-party software vendor is the ultimate expert in their own applications and there are many situations that may arise when their unique understanding of their application is necessary to resolve a problem and/or improve its performance. For this reason, we encourage you to maintain separate support agreements with your mission-critical software vendors. TechWorks' support of third party software will be provided on a "best effort" basis and should be considered secondary to the application vendor's own technical support.

What support options are available?

Our help desk is staffed 24x7x365 and is prepared to provide our managed services customers with remote technical support. Support is available through on-line chat, phone, or email. On-line chat support, which is the fastest way to reach our support team, can be initiated at Our phone support is available by calling our main phone number and choosing the option for "Support". Our goal is to answer these calls within 60 seconds but there are times when hold times may be slightly longer. Email support can be requested by sending an email to

What happens if the help desk cannot solve my problem?

There are times when a particular issue may require an on-site presence or advanced level of support not available through our remote help desk. Sometimes, these issues may require the involvement of third-party software vendors who may need to be contacted separately. The help desk will document the issue and, when appropriate, escalate these requests to the appropriate members of our team. On-site and advanced level engineers will be dispatched at their soonest availability. Emergency requests will always be given the utmost priority.

What are the regular support hours?

TechWorks normal business hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Emergency after-hours support through our 24x7x365 help desk is available for our managed services customers.

Who is allowed to contact the help desk?

Persons in your organization who will be permitted to initiate support requests with our help desk must be named in advance. This requirement safeguards your confidential I.T. resources and ensures the security of your environment.

Does the support plan include unlimited on-site support?

"On-Site" support requests will always incur an additional fee. To include unlimited on-site support, an I.T. service provider must charge the customer for "anticipated" on-site support needs, regardless of the actual support needed. We see this as a "lose-lose" relationship which often requires the customer to pay for support which they may not ever actually use. By adopting a "pay-as-you-need-it" support policy for on-site support, we ensure your monthly recurring rates for our pro-active services remain as low as possible. As part of our managed services offering, we maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of your environment enabling us to provide fast and efficient support whenever necessary. Most issues can be resolved quickly by contacting our help desk. Depending upon the details of your service agreement, you may have access to unlimited 24/7 remote help desk support at a discounted rate. Please review your proposal and service agreement for current rates and pricing information.

I’m not interested in signing up for ongoing I.T. management. Can we just contact you whenever we need help?

We do not offer a “break-fix” ongoing relationship. Our service is designed to pro-actively deliver a secure, stable, and performance-optimized I.T. platform for each of our customers. This improves productivity, minimizes frustration, and enhances work-life balance for both our customers and our own team.

We’re willing to consider signing up for an ongoing managed I.T. services solution, but we have an urgent situation that we need help with right away. Are you able to assist us?

Of course! Our team will be happy to assist you with resolving an emergency I.T. issue, even before you’ve signed up for our ongoing services. In this case, we can offer our assistance on a prepaid hourly basis. When you subsequently sign up for our managed I.T. services, any recently delivered services may be substantially discounted, generating credits that can be applied to future services. If you need help right away, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.

How do we know if we can afford to sign up with TechWorks?

The best way to get an idea of how much our services will cost in your unique environment is to spend 15-20 minutes in a brief telephone meeting so that we can get acquainted and develop a basic understanding of your current information technology resources. Afterwards, we will be able to provide you with a preliminary no-obligation price quote which will provide our estimated pricing for your ongoing I.T. management services.

We have received your price quote and we think we may want to sign up. What’s next?

Prior to preparing a final proposal and service agreement, we will schedule an on-site visit so that we may get further acquainted. During this visit, we will perform some additional discovery to further document the details of your environment and answer any remaining questions you may have.