We're living proof that IT support can be simple & proactive!

You might as well say goodbye to downtime, slow computers, and unresponsive IT support. At TechWorks, everything just works. We provide a refreshing-easy approach to your IT management...

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Decline in downtime

Compared to the traditional break-fix model, TechWorks trims downtime occurrence by almost half


Customer retention

99% of customers continue to work with us for more than 5 years, not because of a contract, but because they're impressed


Average cost savings

Compared to hiring an in-house IT support staff, companies save significantly by choosing us to look after their entire IT

Because growing businesses deserve proactive support too...

For many SMB owners in California, IT is a complicated mess that slows down their operations and (worse) growth! From a love-hate relationship with their IT guy to repeat downtime to looming security threats, what's not to love, right? (cue cricket sounds...)

At TechWorks Consulting, we believe that IT can be your growing business's advantage above the competition! Imagine working in an IT environment where downtime is practically extinct, processes are seamless and everything just works!

That's what we bring to the table...

We've seen it all, and know just what you need

Having built and sold a successful 'break-fix' IT services firm previously, our Founder - Marc had experience working with business owners and managers. He knew the unique challenges that many of them were facing, and understood firsthand that another "break-fix" model wasn't the perfect solution.  

What businesses really need is a team of IT experts that proactively ensure that issues are handled before they become IT failures, which slow their progress down to a crawl. What's more, they need trusted techs that respond quickly rather than being left high and dry by some IT guy.

TechWorks was founded in 2014 as a standardization solution. The goal is to provide businesses with all the hardware, software, and services they need to thrive - at a flat, affordable, and predictable monthly rate.  This way, your growing business can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, in-house team of IT experts, without the crushing costs of staffing.

Our values

We stand by these no matter what

We're always available

We're available to cater to your IT needs 24/7/365 and respond to all requests in under 30 minutes. Need us on site? Because we're within a 10-mile radius from you (Corona, CA), we'd be there in no time.

We're fluff-free & transparent

This means, no tech talk, no complexities, and no arm-twisting clients into staying. You get our IT services at a simple flat fee, and full access to our proprietary documentation of your IT environment, no matter what happens.

We're proactive

We believe that support is best served before its required. That's why our top-level engineers keep their eyes peeled on your IT environment in order to monitor, manage, prevent and mitigate failures - even before you know it.

The goal = your satisfaction

At TechWorks, our philosophy is that every client deserves to experience the benefits of great IT. Our IT solutions lead to increased productivity, lower IT costs, better profits, greater peace of mind, and work-life balance!


60 years of combined experience...

Marc Potter

CEO & Co-founder

Jennifer Potter

CFO & Co-founder

Nathan Garrett

VP of Sales

Emil Tigulo

Service Desk Technician

Jimmy Nilo

Sr. Technical Account Manager

Ed Santiago

Service Desk Manager

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