Data backups & disaster recovery

TechWorks ensures companies can survive absolutely anything that life throws at them, whether it be cyber threats, human error, unpredictable situations, hardware and software malfunctions, or natural disasters.

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Managed backup services

Don't be one of those people who think about data protection strategy as a "set it and forget it" thing. If you want a solid data backup, you need regular maintenance and testing to be 100% sure things are ready and available whenever you need them. With Techworks backup services and Veeam software, you can gain peace of mind.

Maintaining standards of compliance
Data recovery and replication
IT Management

Managed disaster recovery services

When the worst-case scenario happens, there is little time to spare. This is why it is essential to plan ahead to prevent your business-vital files from being lost.... because once they are gone - it can be impossible to recover them all. With TechWorks disaster recovery services, you can prepare for data disasters of every kind.

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Regulatory compliance
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A disaster hitting your business is a matter of time

Hard drive failure, vandalism, data breach, earthquake - there are different scenarios that can strike your company at any time - with little to no warning. These things can wipe out your proprietary information, customer information, infrastructure configurations, financial records, or any other mission-critical data. No one can prevent unforeseen scenarios, but we can help you return to full operations quickly after one hits you out of the blue.

IT Management

Reliable protection for any business

TechWorks's data backup and disaster recovery services provide comprehensive protection. Whether you have 300 TB or 300 GB of data, our specialists will do whatever it takes to ensure your files are there for you when you need them.

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