Status monitoring

TechWorks keeps an eye on the heart of your IT system by using our proprietary set of tools to ensure the uptime, operation, and health of your business-vital servers. Provide great user experiences for business services, applications, and websites.

IT Management

Key server performance metrics to monitor

Monitoring the availability and uptime of applications running on your server is kids' stuff. However, monitoring the underlying metrics of your server, like health and KPIs, is also important. We monitor all of the basic server metrics like server load, CPU, and disk/memory utilization, but also develop custom-tailored scripts in charge of igniting your server performance.

IT Management

Server monitoring ROI

A server failure leads to costs such as lost productivity, lost clients and sales opportunities, or even penalties for not meeting legal requirements. By minimizing server downtime, you eliminate unnecessary losses, improve communication, and enhance productivity.

Stay ahead of outages
Fix issues faster
Staff/salary time savings
Identify security threats  
IT Management

How our status monitoring helps

With our off-the-shelf status monitoring tools and software, you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of your performance metrics. We cover a full range of core factors (we even monitor internet performance) to ensure your operational business systems are up and available.

Centralized view of infrastructure
Capacity planning tools
Real-time benefits
Dependency maps between systems  
IT Management

You’re covered, no matter what

We are 100% unbiased when it comes to your use of different techs and suppliers - all we care about is making your servers run like never before. We have seen it all and know what your business needs to grow and prosper.

Desktops and Laptops
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